Snooki Wants To Make Movies? We’ve Got 8 Vehicle Ideas For Her!

Wuh woh. It appears that our dear Snooki has been bit by the acting bug. It happened while she was filming a cameo scene in the Farrelly brothers’ “The Three Stooges,” along with the rest of the “Jersey Shore” cast. “I was like, ‘Dude! I love this!'” she explains. “I definitely wanna do, like, comedy or something.” I hope that all the studios out there are listening!

Now, of course, someone could give Snooki a bit part in the next “Piranha 3D” or a remake of “Goodfellas.” But we really think she could be a leading lady. After the jump, some movie vehicles we would like to propose for Snooks.

  1. “My Big Fat Italian Wedding.” Snooki stars as a second-generation Italian woman planning her wedding to a midwestern guy, who feels totally embarrassed by her over-the-top traditional family and their thoughts on how the nuptials should go.
  2. “Wicked” looked at the “Wizard of Oz” from the perspectives of the witches. But what about the munchkins? Snooki stars in “Lollipop Guild,” the tale of how the munchkins came to live on the yellow brick road and love lollipops so much.
  3. “Tanned.” A horror movie in which the tanning beds of the world form a collective consciousness and start attacking the humans who put themselves in them.
  4. “The Meatballs.” Stars Snooki and her bestie Deena Cortese as two pint-sized best friends on a road trip to find themselves.
  5. “Legally Guido” would be one half “My Cousin Vinnny” and one half “Legally Blonde.” The mafia finds its fiercest courtroom savior in a 4″11′ woman who drinks hard, parties harder, and always wins over the jury even though her grasp of legal issues is weak at best.
  6. “Snookin For Love.” A romantic comedy about a girl who makes her way across Italy looking for a husband, only to give up and find her guy where she never expected—her hometown pizza shop.
  7. “The Big Pickle.” 15 years in the future, following the death of their old boss at the T-shirt shop, the kids of “Jersey Shore” gather in their Seaside Heights beach house and reminisce about their tangled life paths.
  8. What happens when a tiny, tiny woman dates a very, very large man? “Watermelon in a Pinhole” is an “Odd Couple”-esque comedy starring Snooki and the world’s tallest man.
  9. “Duck Phone.” Trapped in a futuristic, dystopian state where the government can hear everything, Snooki stars as a woman who discovers that the only safe mode of communication with the outside world is via hidden duck phones. If only she could make one work!

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