Jennifer Aniston And Sarah Michelle Gellar Both Heading To Soap Operas

It looks like James Franco sure started a trend when he appeared on “General Hospital.” Today, we hear reports that both Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Michelle Gellar are signing in for soap opera stints. Luckily, they aren’t doing it as performance art, though. Jennifer has a very practical reason for agreeing to guest star on “Days of Our Lives.” Her father John Aniston has been on the show for the last 24 years, and now NBC has said the series is on the chopping block due to low ratings. Related: James Franco On “General Hospital” Is Performance Art

Rumor has it that Jennifer will be playing her father’s frazzled wedding planner on the show. A source told the Express UK, “We’re hoping Jen will join us in November, when all the networks are at their most competitive. She has said she wants to help but her schedule is so tight we may have to cram a lot of shooting into just a few days. John is thrilled at the prospect of working alongside his daughter for the first time. He didn’t approach her, though. The show’s executive producers did because John didn’t want to put Jen under pressure.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar, meanwhile, is all about being in the series finale of “All My Children” on September 23rd. After all, it is the show that launched her career. “I have no idea what I’m doing or who I’m playing,” she said. “I told them I don’t want to be Kendall; that’s Alicia [Minshew’s] role now. She has made that beyond her own. She’s amazing. I just wanted to be a part of it. I said I would be a patron in a bar, I don’t care. I can come down from the attic with Bobby Martin; I can be his ski bunny wife.”

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