Stylish Subculture: Surfing

Few sports have a more instantly recognizable fashion sense than surfing. Between the board shorts, bright colors, flip flops, and beachy hair, it’s pretty easy to spot a surfer–in or out of the water. Whether or not you have any intention of actually getting on a surfboard, the sport’s laid back look is always in style. After the jump, a few surfer-inspired pieces to add to your summer wardrobe… [Pictured: Carissa Moore at the US Open of Surfing]

1. Blue Bikini, $14, Delia’s

2. Sunglasses, $12, PacSun

3. O’Neill Boardshorts, $30, Tilly’s

4. Reef Goddess Sandal, $54, Swell

5. Jersey Hoodie, $13, Old Navy