A Michael Jackson Perfume And Cologne?!?! No!

I have never had a desire to smell like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Mariah Carey—so I know I am not the target market for celebrity perfumes. Celebrity colognes make even less sense to me—I just can’t imagine wanting to smell like George Clooney, Tim McGraw, or Antonio Banderas. Apparently, I don’t know what I am talking about because these things sell like hotcakes. Still, there is one new scent in the works that I don’t think will get such a nice reception on the market: a Michael Jackson scent.

Yes, apparently Joe Jackson has signed on with a French perfumery to make both a male and female Michael Jackson fragrance. The male version will be called Jackson’s Tribute and the female version will be Jackson’s Legend. Both will get inspiration for their notes from plants found at the Neverland Ranch. And apparently, you’ll be able to buy both next March.

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A brand manager for Tim McGraw’s fragrance tells the Huffington Post that he doesn’t think the scents will do very well. “In the celebrity world, we make deals with fragrance houses using the image of a celebrity built on their lifestyle and the impression they have created. To try to create a fragrance [around] someone who has passed away with a controversial story when that controversial story is still in the press with a lot of negative connotation is dangerous and won’t work.” He also points out that consumers buy a fragrance when they feel a need for “intimacy” with the celeb—something most people don’t feel for Michael, especially considering that his intimacy with young boys landed him in court.

Oh, but there’s so much more wrong with this. Creating a fragrance for a person who is dead—and who died fairly recently—is all kinds of wrong. It’s terribly tacky to try to profit off of someone’s early demise. Not to mention that the only smell that pops to mind is that of formaldehyde and that is just ick.

What do you think—would you buy a Michael Jackson scent?

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