Lauren Bush Lauren And Other Unfortunate Married Names

Lauren Bush, the model, designer and philanthropist niece of George W. Bush, is getting married. To David Lauren, the son of Ralph Lauren. And she is planning on taking her husband’s last name making her … Lauren Bush Lauren. Perhaps even Lauren Lauren, if someone decides to drop her now-middle name. “I think it will be Lauren Bush Lauren,” she told Harpers Bazaar. “I think it’s nice to have the same name as your husband. I am sort of old-fashioned in that way. Of all the people I could’ve met and fallen in love with, it’s just ironic that David would end up with someone named Lauren.” [NY Post, Daily Mail]

Strange things can happen when it comes to taking someone’s last name. After the jump, some unfortunate examples. Related: 13 Famous Ladies Who Changed Their Names After Getting Married

  • In “The Wedding Singer,” Drew Barrymore’s character comes thisclose to marrying the wrong guy and becoming Julia Gulia.
  • Jay Mohr is super progressive, so when he married actress Nikki Cox, he knew he wanted to add her last name to his. He settled on Jay Cox Mohr, rather than Jay Mohr Cox. For obvious reasons.
  • On “Murphy Brown,” Corky Sherwood married Will Forrest, and became Corky Sherwood Forest. Hee hee.
  • I can’t stop laughing about this announcement for the Busch-Graber wedding. The only better listing? The one for the just married Gowen-Geters. [JDBShow]
  • While she hasn’t changed her name professionally, Demi Moore is actually legally known as Demi Kutcher. Which always sounds like a bra name to me.
  • Who can forget the Bundy’s obnoxious neighbor, Marcy Rhoades? When she got married, she became Marcy D’Arcy. The name is an ode of the show’s creator, Marcy Carsey, who got her rhyming name via marriage, too. [Wikipedia]

But taking a new last name can have good results, if you were born with a name that isn’t so hot. Take the story of Iona Knipl, which was highlighted in the NY Times’ Worst Bad Name Contest. Apparently, whenever Iona met someone new and told them her name they would say, “I own two.” Luckily, she got rid of the name for a bit when she got married. But a funny thing happened—she missed it. So when she got divorced, she changed it back. “In school it bothered me, but now I think it’s neat,” she said. “It’s different.” [NY Times]

Would you change your last name upon getting married if it would become something kinda wonky?

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