Cory Feldman Rants About Pedophilia

What’s going on with Corey Feldman? Oh, not too much. He’s bleached his hair AND decided to speak out about the biggest problem in Hollywood: pedophilia. In a bizarre “Nightline” interview, Corey went on a rant about how Hollywood’s biggest secret is all the pedophiles flying under the radar. He says he was surrounded by them when he was a child actor. He even goes so far as to blame Corey Haim’s death on the trauma of pedophilia — claiming they were both molested by Hollywood moguls. I’m no shrink, but it seems like he’s not dealing with the trauma of his own molestation or grieving the death of his friend, which would cause anyone to take a flying leap into the unstable pool. Let me clarify—pedophilia is no laughing matter. It’s horrible. But it’s hard to believe that it’s so widespread a problem in Hollywood. That’s a heavy accusation. It’s a tragedy that Corey was molested as child, but something’s not right here. Dude needs help. [Jezebel]

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