Lindsay Lohan Was Buying Crystals, Not Drugs

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about Miss Lindsay Lohan. Earlier today, numerous headlines appeared across the internet of the “Did Lindsay Lohan Buy Drugs In Broad Daylight?” variety. These stories were on account of the video above, which shows LiLo hanging with her friend outside a bar in Venice, California. Two guys approach the pair and hand them a plastic baggie. Lindsay and her friend inspect it. Eventually, as Lindsay lights a cigarette, she awkwardly hands the guy some money. This whole incident was caught on tape by a (very annoying) paparazzi photographer.

Only, Lindsay’s publicist says the baggies didn’t contain drugs. Nope, the mystery objects in the bags were crystals. And before you say “crystal meth,” we’re talking about healing crystal jewelry here. “They were crystals from a local shop in Venice,” Lindsay’s rep explained. “Sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz, and quartz, all purchased by her pal from a store down the store.”

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I’ll give Lindsay the benefit of the doubt here because I don’t think she’s dumb enough to buy drugs on a public sidewalk as the paparazzi snap away. But could she and her friends have made this situation look any sketchier? All of the guys have on sunglasses and keep looking around in that skittish is-anyone-watching-way. And the money exchange? I mean, couldn’t she gave gone to this store herself?

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