Celebrities, Move To Sunny London!

Are you desperate for British citizenship? There was a time when you’d have to find a nice British national to marry you. But no more! Now all you have to do to set up permanent residence in the UK is win an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, or BAFTA or at least get nominated for one of these awards. Yep, you read that right. Yesterday the British government signed into law a new immigration class—Tier 1—that’s designed to attract celebrities and those of “exceptional talent.”

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, this is very unfortunate timing. Considering that London and several other British cities are entering their fourth night of riots, in which major looting is happening, many buildings are burning, and four people have died so far. As we speak, Prime Minister David Cameron is figuring out how to quelch the unrest, and has said police will be using water canons on crowds to try to disperse them.

But still, maybe some celebs will take the country up on their immigration offer? For example, Angelina Jolie is currently in London and didn’t let the violence distract her from taking the kiddies to a pottery cafe yesterday.

Another word of warning to celebs who want in on this deal: invites to royal weddings are sold separately.

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