Blake Lively Played By “The Rules” To Catch Leonardo Di Caprio

The love affair of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively has taken many twists and turns, but the strangest of all are reports that the “Gossip Girl” star reeled in the ladies’ man by following The Rules. Too young to remember The Rules? It’s a dating advice book published by two women in 1995 that prescribed 35 different “rules” for alluring, snagging, and domesticating the male species. The book advises a woman to never pay for herself on a date; never call him; rarely returns his calls; never accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday; end phone calls and dates first; and return one email for every four he sends. Some of the self-help wisdom contained therein is just obvious, such as reminding women that if you show a man your Pikachu on the first date he might not assume you’re looking for a serious relationship. But the rest of it is just a convoluted series of mind games with cult-like restrictions like “Don’t discuss the rules with your therapist” and “Do the rules, even if your friends and parents think it’s nuts.” The premise behind the book is that all men like “the chase,” so women need to make them work for it.

So, how did Blake use The Rules to supposedly snag her man? “Blake loves the dating book The Rules and has been following it to the letter,” a “celebrity insider” told Now magazine. “She knew Leo could have any girl he wanted and she figured she had to stand out from the crowd. … She’s making him work for it — and he’s fallen hard for her.” Blake snagged Leo by “acting busy and not calling [him] straight back.” She also refused to date him before he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli.

Maybe Blake is following The Rules or maybe this is just something tabloids make up so they have something to print. In any case, Blake’s man-catching tactics sound like common sense to me. I myself struggle with not acting over-eager around guys I like (like, I’m totally the type of person who should follow The Rules, despite thinking they are batty) and not barraging a guy with phone calls/text messages/emails that say “I WUV YOU” is always difficult. And, yeah, not dating a guy who is attached to a girlfriend is wise as well. So, good for you, Blake. You’re apparently a lot less stupid at dating than I was at 23.

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