“My Strange Addiction” Tops Itself, Seriously

My strange addiction is that I’m addicted to “My Strange Addiction.” Each week I promise myself it will be my last time writing about it. And then I see a new episode and the cycle starts all over again. The surge of adrenaline, the utter disbelief, the running to my laptop to blog about it. I’m sorry, readers. I promise this will be my last time — at least for a while since the season is over. The pillow addict was a tough act to follow, but TLC has topped itself this week with Cassie, the 26-year-old widow who is addicted to eating … her late husband’s ashes. After her husband passed suddenly from an asthma attack, Cassie’s way of coping was to do everything she used to do … with his remains. She takes him shopping, to the movies, cooks for him, and even recently has begun eating him. Her “first taste” happened when she was transferring his remains from a cardboard box into an urn and some of the ashes spilled onto her hands. “I didn’t want to just wipe him away,” she explained, “So I just licked him off my fingers … And here I am today, almost two months later and I can’t stop.”

I’m not sure what to say. “My Strange Addiction” just rendered me speechless. And in case you are wondering, yes, she accepted help.

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