The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The “True Blood” Plot Thickens

Last night’s episode of “True Blood,” felt a little like soft-core porn. Was it just me or did the cast go above and beyond in the sex scene department? (If you haven’t watched yet, SPOILER ALERT.) First, we had Sookie and Eric’s mega sex montage—we see them in the woods, in the entry way of Sookie’s house, and in bed, twice. The camera lingers on them in multiple positions— him on top, her on top, him behind. Later in the episode, we Alcide and Debbie going at in multiple directions, though far less successfully. And then there were those flashbacks to Jason’s sex dream of Jessica. So much!

After the jump, the good, the bad, and the WTF moments of “Cold Grey Light of Dawn.”The Good:

  • The patrons of Merlotte’s keep Pam from killing Tara. It was hilarious when Pam had Tara by the throat and turned around to see a dozen phones recording her actions. “TMZ is offering 10K for real life vamp attack video. But is she a zombie?” one of them asked. “I am not a zombie,” yells Pam. “That’s exactly what a zombie would say,” replies someone.
  • Alcide is distraught seeing Eric bone Sookie. When he and Debbie happen upon them naked in the moonlit grove, I think he had his first real moment of, “I’m in love with Sookie.” Yay!
  • Eric and Sookie end their sex montage laughing together in bed. Cute.
  • Eric in flannel. Hurrah! The sleeveless hoodie is no more. And how hot does Alexander Skarsgaard look in plaid?
  • Andy Bellefleur asking Holly Cleary out. How adorable that he showed up looking for her in a brown suit, holding a bouquet of roses.
  • Fiona Shaw finally gets to show off some acting skills. I was wondering why the series tapped the Irish super-actress for a role as a bumbling witch. But now that her character Marni has been possessed by the spirit of Antonia Gavilán of Logroño, who wants to make all the world’s vampires walk into the sun, I get it.
  • Marni/Antonia recruits Tara to help her. Finally, Tara takes an active role in something other than running!
  • Hoyt’s mom watching her neighbor in a mu-mu walk out her front door and burst into flames. I don’t know why, but I loved this detail.
  • Jason running to save Jessica. As Sookie tells Jason that a spell in progress is compelling all the city’s vampires to walk into the sun, he has a moment of realization: is Jessica safe? As he charges to find her, we see Jessica casting off her silver, opening the cell gate, crawling through the living room, and opening the front door. The editing was perfect—we’ll have to wait until next episode to see if he makes it to her in time.

The Bad:

Marni/Antonia kills Katy

    . I wish she had better revenge for Luis, the vampire who raped her in 1610, then having him kill the girl who ratted out the Wiccan Circle to Bill and then staking himself upon giving Bill a message. That guy deserved to suffer more.

  • The lame werewolf pack induction ceremony. Thank goodness Alcide wasn’t into it either.
  • Bill’s plan to save key vampires from Marni/Antonio’s spell. His brilliant fix? Every vampire should cover themselves in silver for the day so that even if they try to get up, they can’t. As a result, we got to see way to many shots of our favorite vamps—Eric, Bill, Pam, Jessica, etc—putting on silver and wincing in pain as their flesh seared. The sound effects here were hard to stomach.
  • That saccharine scene with Bill and Jessica. After this way too long scene, I knew Jessica was going to be in trouble. Seemed like they were rachetting up sympathy for her.
  • Jessica’s not in love with Hoyt. Sure, I like the Jessica and Jason’s flirtation—but she and Hoyt are so sweet. I hope they make it.
  • Alcide and Debbie doing it. Did not want to see that.

The WTF:

  • Jason’s handstand push-ups in boxing gloves. How does he do those?
  • Pam being skinned to get rid of her rot. Eww, eww, ewww. I can see her facial muscles, literally.
  • Lafayette’s hair. Someone please help him. Also, I’m not feeling the Lafayette/Jesus/Mexico plot at all.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

PS: To everyone who expressed frustration with me giving away too much in the headlines, apologies. My understanding was—if it’s in the trailer, it’s not a spoiler? Regardless, will make the title more oblique from now on.

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