Evening Quickies: “Jersey Shore” Cast To Have “Three Stooges” Cameos

  • The “Jersey Shore” cast will have cameos in “The Three Stooges” remake by the Farrelly brothers. May their acting rise above Ronnie’s atrociously bad cue-carding reading in that Xenadrine commercial. Also, why is Hollywood remaking the Three Stooges? Is nothing sacred? [Movieline]
  • Arnold Schwarzeneggar was photographed in an “I Survived Maria” tee shirt. KLASSY. [Gawker]
  • January Jones may get written out of “Mad Men” because of her pregnancy, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. A source said she hasn’t been at script read-throughs with the rest of the cast and that “the fate of Betty Draper is yet to be decided.” I’d find it hard to believe she’d be kicked off the show just because she’d be visibly pregnant for a few episodes. [Daily Mail UK]

  • The model Daisy Lowe — aka the girl who found out at 15 her dad was actually Gavin Rossdale — will grace the September issue of Playboy. I wonder how Gwen will explain this to Kingston and Zuma. [Huffington Post]
  • One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, Jamie Jungers, was popped for a DUI in Vegas on Friday. Oh so many poor life choices! [TMZ]
  • Eric van der Woodsen is no more! No, he hasn’t been offed by Chuck Bass: he is headed off to Sarah Lawrence College and the real-life actor, Connor Paolo, who plays him on “Gossip Girl” is headed to a new show called “Revenge.” [NYmag.com Vulture]
  • Andy Cohen from Bravo is writing a memoir about growing up with a love for pop culture, working in television, and coming out of the closet as gay. [New York Times]
  • Tamera Mowrey says she feels pregnant sister Tia’s contractions and they have “twin telepathy.” Um, okay. [Huffington Post]

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