Wine Is A Natural Sunscreen?!

#320 on the list of things I’m thankful for: studies on the benefits of wine. The latest cause for popping a cork: it’s liquid sunscreen. Researchers at the University of Barcelona have discovered that grapes have the power to protect your skin from UV rays, the cause of sun-related skin cancers, premature aging and temporary burning.

Flavonoids found in wine (particularly Cabernets, Petite Syrahs, and Pinot Noirs) act as shields for cells at risk of breaking down from UV exposure, according to the research.The next step is developing creams and skincare products that incorporate those damage-fighting flavonoids effectively. I smell a Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio skincare line in the works.

In the meantime, here are even more reasons you should be guzzling wine (in moderation, obvs) according to science:

  • It makes you smarter: A 7-year study found moderate wine drinking improves cognitive functioning, particularly in women, and might even help ward off memory loss and dementia.
  • It keeps your svelte: A study of 20,000 women in Boston found women who drink wine in moderation were thinner than those who didn’t. (Though a solid buzz can lead to binging bouts.)
  • It’s good for your heart: Red wine contains an ingredient that’s been found to reduce bad cholesterol build-up in the blood-vessels.
  • It’ll help you live longer: Antioxidants in wine reduce cell damage and protect from diabetes, stomach ulcers and even some cancers.

Thank you, researchers. Now can you please do that same thing, but with donuts?

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