Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves New TV Show More Than She Expected

“I didn’t realize how much I miss the atmosphere until I started back. There’s something about television—seeing the same people everyday, looking forward to the scripts. I’m loving it more than I thought I was going to … I want to be able to go home at night and see my daughter,I want to be there for her first day of school and her school recital. Television offers me that — they’re amazing at working around schedules. All of the big milestones I’m there for.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about life on the set of her new show, “Ringer,” years after wrapping “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Wait a second—I had no idea that she and husband Freddie Prince Jr. had a baby. But, yes, they do! Her name is Charlotte and she is 22 months. And Freddie is staying home with her while her mama works. Cute! Now, where have I been? [People]Want to contact the writer of this post? {encode=”” title=”Email her”}!