From What We Can Tell, Tyler The Creator Is Kind Of Stupid

Waka Flocka Flame: Do y’all actually do any of the stuff y’all talk about in your lyrics?
Tyler the Creator: Well, I don’t rape chicks … I have punched a girl in the eye … Um … What else? I say a lot of s**t and it just depends . . . Sometimes it’s just ’cause s**t is funny.

That’s hip-hop darling Tyler the Creator on how hilarious it is to hit girls. Other gems from his interview with rapper Waka Flocka Flame in this month’s Interview magazine? Tyler explains that the band name Odd Future came from a time that dragons tried to kill him: “Well, we were at a skate park on just a regular skate day, and this dragon just came out of nowhere and tried to attack me, so we killed the dragon. That’s how we got the name.” Sure! More delicious excerpts after the jump: Flame asks Tyler where he gets his anger from, and Tyler goes on to explain that his real anger derives from the little things. Such as? “Like, Facebook deleted my profile the other day without telling me, and I was f**king angry. … I got it back though. I had to email them and talk to, like, head dudes. It still pisses me off that they deleted it. S**t like that makes me really, really angry. That sh*t ain’t cool. You don’t just delete a n**ga’s Facebook like that.”

And this guy’s considered the future of music. [Interview]