Keep Your Hands Off Her “Food Baby”

I often get a post-meal pooch, especially after I’ve shoved down, say, a foot-long hoagie. The bloated, pregnancy looking pouch that used to be my stomach is a phenomenon commonly referred to as a “food baby.” Sometimes I call mine “the bagel” because if I squeeze it, it looks like a bagel. I know this is something women love to joke about to assuage their guilt after totally pigging out or to express their discomfort at having to unbutton their pants after an eating marathon.

But, apparently, “food babies”are a real problem for some. UK woman, Kerri Dowdswell, who is normally a size ten, becomes so bloated after meals that she literally looks like she’s in her third trimester. Right after she eats her stomach swells to full pregnancy size and then shrinks back to normal within a few hours. People often pat her belly and ask when the baby is due and she awkwardly has to explain that it’s just pot roast. Forget unbuttoning her pants, the poor girl has to wear maternity clothes when she goes out to eat. So far, doctors have not come up with an explanation for her “food pregnancy.” They’ve tested her for food allergies and other digestive issues and so far, she appears to be perfectly healthy. That just sucks. I have a new appreciation for my bagel. [Daily Mail UK]

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