And The Winner Is … The Steamiest Summer Sex Story!

Earlier this week, we asked you tell us your steamiest summer sex stories in the hopes of winning an “Erotic Summer Survival Kit” from Athena’s Home Novelties. It was hard to choose a winner considering how hot all your stories were. Check out the winne’s erotic tale after the jump. Helena wrote:

It was the hottest part of the summer, and the A/C in my apartment couldn’t keep up with the scorching temperatures outside. To make the heat a little more bearable, my boyfriend and I had taken to stripping down as soon as we came in. One afternoon, after a couple hours of watching TV together, I went to make myself a bowl of ice cream in an attempt to cool off. I lingered for a few moments in front of the freezer, letting the cold air sweep against my naked body, before taking the carton to the counter. As I scooped some of the ice cream into a bowl, I felt my boyfriend’s arms encircle my waist from behind. Silent but smiling to myself, I continued with my task. I let my body sway gently against his, moving perhaps a bit more than was necessary as I relished the feel of his warm skin against mine. My boyfriend’s grip on my waist tightened as I felt his excitement rise. He reached his arm forward to run his fingertip along the surface of the ice cream, then slowly raised it to my lips. As I gently sucked on his finger and felt the rest of him respond, my own body began to ache for more. After a few more moments of desperately straining against each other, I yielded to my own burning desire and slipped him inside of me. The heat had settled heavily in the room, keeping us silent even at the height of our arousal as our bodies slid against each other. We took it into the bedroom after awhile, where we continued to make raw, passionate – but perhaps not so silent — love. When we finally ventured out, much hotter but decidedly more satisfied than before, we shared a laugh at the melted carton of ice cream forgotten on the kitchen counter.

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