Marc Anthony Erases The J.Lo Stain, Metaphorically And Literally

We were surprised when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their split on July 15th. We were almost equally surprised when we learned that Marc had a “Jennifer” tattoo on his wrist. Not that it’s such a crazy thing to do, if tattoos are your thing, but we just never noticed the ink. And now we never will. Anthony had covered it up — and quickly, too. The pictures of his new cover-up tattoo are a bit fuzzy and partially obscured by his sleeve, but you can definitely make out that it does not say “Jennifer” anymore. It kind of makes us wonder if things were as amicable as their PR people would like us to believe. We understand wanting to get your ex’s name removed from your body, but within two weeks? First, would you like it if your man got your name inked on his body? Or would it freak you out a bit?

And what do you think about the speediest tattoo cover-up we can remember in recent years? Is Marc just trying to move on or is this a sign that there’s more to their “mutual decision” to split?

[Media Takeout]