Evening Quickies: “Jersey Shore” By The Numbers

  • “Jersey Shore” is back tonight! Those of us with little else going on in our lives are immensely excited. Will Sammi and Ronnie stay together? Will The Situation learn any Italian phrases beyond “smush”? Will there be more in-house girlfighting? So much to look forward to! The folks at MTV have gotten us pumped with this handy charticle on “Jersey Shore” by-the-numbers. Pity the poor intern who had to count each and every one of Snooki’s leopard print accessories. [MTV.com]
  • Prince Harry is vacationing alone in the Mediterranean island of Majorca and is “reportedly keeping close company with an unnamed, bikini-clad female.” Harrumph. [People]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar will return to “All My Children” for one last episode before it goes off the air in September. [NYmag.com Vulture]

  • Marc Anthony is supposedly “begging” J.Lo to take him back. And according to the cover of Us Weekly, she is responding “NO WAY!” in capital letters and size 72 font. [US Weekly]
  • “16 & Well-Adjusted” is the new “16 & Pregnant.” [Crushable]
  • Tammy Tousignant, a flight attendant accused of carrying Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lovechild before the housekeeper scandal broke out, has filed a $40 million libel lawsuit against the gossip blog Gawker.com and The National Enquirer. [OCweekly.com]
  • Is “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” filming in South Africa? And will this have a better or worse effect on international relations than “Jersey Shore” filming in Italy? [Essence]
  • Happy 50th birthday, President Obama. He’s having a party with friends at the White House tonight and retreating to Camp David for the weekend with the fam. In honor of the president’s b-day, here are the 10 cutest pictures of baby Barack that can be found on the Internet! [People, BuzzFeed]
  • She & Him is releasing a Christmas album this year. Is nothing sacred, hipsters? [I love Christmas music! I am so excited! — Editor] [Twitter]
  • Today’s lesson: if you can’t handle watching your wife f**k another dude, don’t become a swinger. [Slate]
  • Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, and all their assorted babies boarded a yacht together for what sounds like the best sailing trip ever. [Huffington Post]

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