John Stamos To Play A Ghostly Lawyer In New Show

Uncle Jesse fans, get excited. Following his awesome turn as a “Rocky Horror”-loving dentist on “Glee,” John Stamos is getting his very own show. Well, hopefully. A network has to pick it up first. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What is this show? It’s called “Dead Lawyers” and apparently it was briefly developed eight years ago for Syfy. In it, John will play a wheeling and dealing lawyer who is pummeled by a bus on his way out of work. But he doesn’t go straight to heaven. He ends up in a law firm with a slew of other dead lawyers, all working hard on cases to redeem themselves in the cosmic order. And he won’t get out until he does.

Personally, I think this sounds kind of awesome. “Mad Men” in 2011, with more legal jargon and a metaphysical slant. But what do you think? Would you watch this show?

[Huffington Post]

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