Inspiration Board: Celebrate Shark Week In Style!

It’s Shark Week, the annual Discovery Channel celebration of all things shark-y. Lord knows we love an underwater predator that can’t ever stop moving lest it die — especially one in possession of multiple rows of glistening killer teeth. In celebration of the mighty shark and the terror it unleashes upon summer swimmers — specifically Richard Dreyfuss in the movie “Jaws” — we’ve assembled an array of fashionable options to show your Shark Week love. And don’t forget: live every week like it’s Shark Week!

1. Dusen Dusen Shark Top, $135
2. Urban Outfitters Shark Tooth Oversized Tee, $29
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kissing Fish Shorts, $64
4. Wildfox Jaws Oversized Raglan Tee in Heather, $77
5. Betsey Johnson Fish Tunic Dress, $201
6. Heritage 1981 Sharks Swim Top, $10.90