Ask Our Underwear Expert: “I Hate Thongs But I Don’t Want Panty Lines, Either”

Thongs — some women swear by them, others want nothing to do with them. This week, we cover what to do when you’re thong-phobic but want to avoid a visible panty line. And remember, if you’ve {encode=”[email protected]” title=”got a question”} for Brianna, we’ll be happy to send it along!

Q: I hate thongs. I have no desire to ever have a piece of fabric stuck up my butt. But! I also don’t want pantylines. What do you recommend I do to avoid those?

A: The answer is simpler than it may seam. The traditional way around panty lines (or VPL as it’s been called) has been to avoid them altogether by wearing thongs with coverage in places you can’t even see, leaving the parts you can see exposed and ultimately line/wrinkle/bump free. But then what’s the point of wearing panties at all? So if it’s coverage you seek, I recommend a seamless style with smooth cut edges, like the Commando Girl Short or the Calvin Seamless Hipster. They’re made from a lightweight fabric that stretches to from a second-skin fit on your body that’s ultra smooth with no elastic or seams to make a move under your clothes. And they’re so lightweight, so you can wear them even more comfortably under your micro minis or whatever you crazy girls are wearing nowadays.

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