Today’s Lady News: Italy Wants To Ban The Burqa

  • It will be illegal to wear the burqa and other face-covering Muslim veils in public if a new bill can get the support of Italy’s Parliament. A draft version of the law has already been approved. Face-covering Muslim veils have already been banned in France and Belgium. [BBC]
  • A “boat club” in Illinois plans to hold a vote on admitting women as members. You let us know what it feels like to join 2011, okay, boys? [Chicago Tribune]
  • NBC claims their new show “The Playboy Club” is all about empowerment. Look, NBC. I’m going to watch your show. It looks fun. But let’s not kid ourselves here, OK? [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • A teenaged boy in Houston, Texas, raised $40,000 for an abused women’s shelter. Sebastian Gupta took a 2000 Saab, restored it to factory conditions, and auctioned it off, giving the money to charity. What a sweetheart! [ABC News]
  • Thank you, Captain Obvious: suffering through domestic violence or sexual assault can damage your long-term mental health, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. [CNN]


  • Does the success of Adele, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse mean British dudes can’t succeed in pop music anymore? [Guardian UK]
  • Zara Phillips, the Queen’s eldest granddaughter, decided to keep her maiden name when she married this weekend. [Guardian UK]

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