The 5 Best And Worst Things About Going To Gay Bars With Your Boy Besties

I’ve been really fortunate to have found a wonderful handful of (gay) boy friends in my 28 years. They’re so supportive and confidence-boosting—at the same time they always keep it real with me. It goes without saying that the jokes and laughter never stop. We do dinner and movies on the regular and on those nights when I feel so possessed, we hit the “scene” and boy-bar hop all over NYC. I’ve had some of the greatest nights of my life with them, but I have to say there are some disadvantages to being the token girl at the boy bar.

After the jump, check out the pros and cons of going to male gay bars with your friends.The Pros:

  1. There are sexy guys everywhere. From the bartenders to the go-go dancers (if you’re so lucky—do they stuff their underwear? Sheesh!) it seems like everyone is smoking hot.
  2. The boys are quite complimentary. Even if you’re feeling less than fabulous, they appreciate female beauty and have no problem telling you how gorgeous you are. If you do happen to be fabulous that night, it won’t be wasted on the boys—they’ll love it.
  3. There is never a line at the girl’s bathroom. If there is a ladies bathroom—see the bathroom con below.
  4. The bartenders give you special treatment. Maybe it’s that I’m a (smallish) girl in a sea of men trying to get their draft beers, but the bartenders always seem to find me and take my order in a timely fashion.
  5. Have you ever seen a gay boy do the entire dance to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone?” I have. And it’s awe-inspiring.

The Cons:

  1. You won’t get some. All those sexy guys may flirt with you all night long. They may buy all your drinks and make you feel like they really like you. But honey, remember where you are. The chances of you “flipping” a gay boy are slim to none. However, I do think that some of the bartenders and even go-go dancers are straight (a job is a job) so don’t rule it all the way out just yet.
  2. Your presence can be jarring. Sometimes I think the boys are intimidated by a woman confident enough to strut her way into a male-dominated arena. I’ve been thrown shade a time or two, I must admit. They can’t possibly think I’m competition for them, but you never know.
  3. The restroom situation. If there is a girl’s room, you’re usually golden. But if there’s only one bathroom, be prepared for it to smell of urine. The odds that hundreds of men can all aim with precision are about as good as you flipping that hot guy you keep eyeing in the corner.
  4. That bartender giving you special treatment thing is 50/50. If he’s wrapped up in all the hotties he wants to flirt with, you just may have to wait your turn like everyone else.
  5. Frequently, the music kind of sucks. I hate to say this, but it is the unfortunate reality of many clubs. I’ve sat through show tune, hardcore techno and Beyonce-on-repeat many o’ nights. Maybe this sounds cool to you, but my ears have been in agony more than once.

So share with us your experiences in boy bars–the good, the bad and the ugly. Also, we welcome stories and other songs you’ve seen boys do the entire dance to.

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