“Soul Surfer” Makes For Good Couch Surfing

Bethany Hamilton is one of my heroes. In 2003, she was out for a morning surf in Hawaii when she was attacked by a shark. She lost her arm and 60 percent of her blood—another inch or two and the bite would’ve been fatal. But Bethany didn’t let this traumatic event get her down or even end her surfing career. She got back in the water and relearned how to surf with a single arm. She even returned to the competitive surfing circuit, which is so, so badass. So I’m pretty interested to see “Soul Surfer,” the movie based on Hamilton’s memoir, which comes out on DVD today. It stars AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany, and also marks Carrie Underwood’s first attempt at acting. Inspiring stuff, even if the reviews say it gets a touch cheesy.