The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Sookie And Eric Finally Get Down On “True Blood”

I think it’s interesting that, in the lead up to this season of “True Blood,” reporters kept asking Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer what it was like doing sex scenes together considering that they are also a couple in real life. Because so far this season, they’ve both had sex—just not with each other. Bill, now the King of Louisiana, has his assorted playthings. Meanwhile, Sookie had her first romp of the season last night — but with Eric. So maybe a more fitting question would have been: what’s it like to see your significant other shoot a sex scene with one of your co-stars?

After the jump, the good, bad, and WTF moments from last night’s episode. And, duh, SPOILER ALERT.The Good:

  • Sookie and Eric undressing and dry humping on the couch. So hot! Well, at least until Bill came flying through the door.
  • Eric and Bill’s fight. I like that Eric just threw him around like a rag doll. I also liked Pam’s observation once Eric is tossed in a cell with her. “He’s a self-loathing, power-hungry pompous little dork, and you hate his guts,” she said. Co-sign!
  • Terry’s armadillo. I loved that when Terry and Arlene regroup on the lawn after fleeing from a house fire, Terry is inexplicably holding an armadillo. I also liked that we finally see what their baby does—that the doll Jessica gave him is possessed.
  • The stupidity of the word ‘werepanther’ is finally acknowledged. Thanks for pointing that out, Sookie.
  • Jessica and Jason. Wow, things are sure getting interesting between these two. When Jessica senses Jason’s fear, she chases him down in the woods and the two have a super sweet moment in a clearing. “Growing up, I always wondered why Sookie got all the special,” confesses Jason. “How can you think you’re not special,” responds Jessica. Awww.
  • Eric’s speech before getting the true death. It bordered on sappy, but I totally loved it: “Tell Sookie I was born the night I met her. Tell her I went to the true death knowing what love means. She deserves happiness with whoever can give it to her.”
  • Neko Case gets a moment. I loved that they played her song “I Wish I Was The Moon” during the climax of the episode. And that they even named the whole episode after her song.

The Bad:

  • Bill sentencing Eric to the true death. No dude. Don’t use your power to eliminate your competition for Sookie! Not sure how and if they are going to be able to redeem his character in our eyes.
  • Tommy assuming Sam’s form. Remember when Luna said that if a shifter kills a family member, they can assume human forms? I feel so bad for Luna; that the first she has sex with Sam, it was actually his younger brother posing as him. Did he really have to be such a dick after?
  • Tommy passed out in his own vomit. Gross!
  • Alcide doesn’t kick Debbie to the curb. I hoped that he would finally ditch her when she joined the local pack without his permission. But nope, he goes along with it. Lame.
  • No, Pam! Don’t you dare attack Tara or her new girlfriend, Naomi!

The WTF:

  • Marnie’s self-cutting. This totally turned my stomach. As did the backstory about the woman who possesses her body, a witch in 1610 who is brutally raped by a vampire priest—now one of Bill’s minions—before he attempts to burn her at the stake. Though I get that this scene was necessary to show that witches can compel vampires to walk into the light and burn. I sense the big bad for the season.
  • Lafayette and Jesus’ Mexican adventure. Holy stereotypes, Batman.
  • Sookie and Eric’s sex scene. I thought this would be the hottest thing ever, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t. The two stripped down and did it in a bed of moss by the side of the river. Meanwhile, they were ridiculously backlit—I guess to emulate the light of the full moon? The whole thing came off like a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” not “True Blood.”

What did you think of last night’s episode?