Evening Quickies: Watch Britney Spears’ 3-Year-Old Niece Cover Her Raunchy Song


  • Three years ago, Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn got pregnant at 16 and left her Nickelodeon TV show, “Zoey 101,” to raise her daughter, Maddie. What have they been up to? Teaching her to sing Aunt Britney’s raunchy songs, of course! Watch little Maddie warble a few lines of the song “Up & Down.” Cute or cringeworthy? [YouTube]
  • Bummer: Kings of Leon is canceling the rest of their U.S. tour because lead singer Caleb Followill is “suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion.” [TMZ]
  • Kelly Clarkson started a girl group. It’s called Already Famous, she’ll share lead vocals with the two other singers, and they’ll cover old songs Kelly used in her first demo tapes. [Popdust]

  • I suppose if I had Rihanna’s body I would run around Barbados dressed like this, too. [The Superficial]
  • Oprah is being sued for her use of her mantra “Own your power” by a company called — you guessed it — Own Your Power Communications, Inc. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Joe Jonas and Karlie Kloss deny they’re dating, even though they’re always photographed together. [Celebuzz]
  • Sorry ladies, the alleged full-frontal nude photo of Ryan Kwanten is a fake, says his rep. [US Weekly]
  • Haha. Justin Bieber got pulled over because cops thought there was a “12-year-old” behind the wheel. [Huffington Post]
  • Rumor has it Adam Sandler wants to remake the movie “Three Men and a Baby.” Hmm, who has a modern-day Tom Sellack ‘stache? [Pop Culture Brain]
  • Pre-registration for J.K. Rowling’s new website Pottermore is now open. You Harry Potter geeks just can’t get enough, can you? [The Mary Sue]

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