Ask The Man Panel: Michelangelo’s Maxi Dress

The product description for this ModCloth maxi dress begins as follows: “‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it,’ the great Michelangelo once said. Certainly, he wasn’t talking about this dress…” Luckily for us, our Man Panel certainly is talking about this dress — read on for their always candid, often hilarious, and sometimes poetic opinions… Damien, 34: By itself the curtain would be boring but that wad of vintage toilet paper really livens it up.

Alec, 26: My immediate Rorschach-like response to this dress was, “International Delights Coffeehouse Creamer.”

Al, 24: I don’t hate it, and on the right lady, it could rock. I think some dresses inspire confidence and this one requires it.

Devin, 21: Is anyone going to tell her that something’s crawling out of her dress?

Kyle, 22: I almost like it.

Adam, 35: This dress looks like someone wrapped a block of stone in a curtain, vomited a wad of chiffon on the front of it and called it good.

Scott, 26: If you are a young lady who is likely to get socked in the stomach at prom, this is the perfect dress for you; the extra material will soften the blow.

Nick, 25: I think my least favorite thing about this is that the “chiffon rosette” looks more like a “Georgia O’Keeffe vagina flower.”

Vinnie, 29: I would really like it if every woman wore this dress. I really would. All the fancy has drained out of every day living. I say bring it back old school with a vengeance; then I could finally wear my home-made toga in public and not feel ashamed.