An Imagined Conversation With A Sad Model

Me: Why so sad?

Model: I’m wearing a denim vest.

Me: Oh.

Model: Also I ate some bad oysters.Me: Understandable.

Model: But mostly it’s the vest.

Me: Hey, it’s not that bad.

Model: Yes it is.

Me: OK it is. I’m just not really getting the whole outfit. The frayed denim vest has kind of a rocker vibe, and then it’s paired with…

Model: A heather gray jersey skirt. I know. Do you think Kurt Cobain ever wore a heather gray jersey skirt?

Me: Actually he probably did.

Model: Oh, that makes me feel a little better.

Me: I can’t really help with the bad oysters though.

Model: That’s OK. Even rock stars eat bad oysters every now and then.

Me: Rock on, sister.