Vanessa Carlton On Coming Out As Bisexual To Her Mom


Yay, Vanessa Carlton has a new album out! She sat down with Chelsea Handler to gab about the new CD and of course Chels gets right down to brass tacks: “So you recently came out as a bisexual?” Carlton performed at a gay rights event and told the audience, in an offhand way, that she’s had relationships with both men and women. This came as news to her family! She said her mom called her on the phone upset because “she’s concerned about being a grandma.” Eventually she calmed down when she realized her daughter is just a “bohemian” like artist Frida Kahlo. Good for Vanessa’s mom for being so open-minded and supportive. That’s totally the way moms should be!

Also, has anyone else noticed Vanessa Carlton and Bristol Palin look exactly alike? They could be twins.

[E! Online via After Ellen]

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