Today’s Lady News: The Problem With Smurfette

  • Oh, Smurfette! Let us overthink your existence and whether it means something. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • A new essay has been released by civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks which revealed her white male employer once attempted to rape her as an 18-year-old. [AP]
  • Wannabe Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann is scheduled to attend two different events for anti-gay organizations while campaigning in Florida. [Think Progress]
  • A new documentary called “No Look Pass” follows Emily Tay, a basketball star at Harvard University who also happens to be lesbian and the daughter of Asian immigrant parents who aren’t so accepting of their unconventional child. [ColorLines]

  • On Raquel Nelson — whose four-year-old son was hit by a drunk driver while jay-walking — and the aggressive persecution of young black mothers. [ColorLines]
  • A lesbian woman in Queens, New York, said that in 2010, she was shoved to the floor and called bigoted names by the manager of a Sizzler restaurant after being accused of not paying for her meal. LAMBDA Legal has filed a lawsuit against the Forest Hills Sizzler. [Queerty]
  • On athletes with criminal records against women, cheering, and the female sports fan. [Think Progress]
  • On the subtle (and not-so-subtle) messages that put girls off from wanting to study science. [BBC]


  • Some of the 100,000 women who were raped as a tactic of war during Guatemala’s 36 years of political unrest are finally speaking out. [Guardian UK]
  • British politicians want to toughen laws against families who send their daughters abroad for female genital mutilation, knowing the practice is illegal in the UK. [Guardian UK]
  • Women’s rights activist Maryam Bigdeli was arrested in Iran and is being made to finish her prison sentence for campaigning against laws that discriminate against women. []
  • “Booth babes” at a gaming event in China have been banned from wearing bikinis and other revealing outfits. [Guardian UK]

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