Lady Gaga’s Latest Madonna Move: Releasing A Sexy Coffee Table Book


Lady Gaga maintains that “Born This Way,” complete with the high blonde ponytail styling, was not a rip-off of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” But now it looks like Gaga is taking another page from Madge’s fame playbook. Gaga is releasing her own photo book, which will be called Lady Gaga, and will contain 350 color and black-and-white photos of her, snapped by Terry Richardson. Richardson apparently followed her for 10 months while she was on tour and recording her new album to create these images. [Huffington Post]

But this book of course, reminds me a whole lot of Madonna’s coffee table book for perverts, Sex. While Gaga is working with the edgy photographer du jour of today, Madonna worked with that of her era—Steven Meisel—on the book and released it to coincide with her album, Erotica. Quickly, the book got a ton of attention because some of the images were being called softcore porn. The book was even banned in Japan. Now, because it’s been out of print for forevers, a copy can run you thousands. Do we think the same will happen for Gaga?

Judging from this video about the making of the book, it doesn’t look like Gaga will get the same pornography complaints—but the photos will be racy, in typical Gaga fashion. But it wouldn’t surprise me if she showed up to the book release party dressed as Little Bo Beep, which is exactly what Madonna did for the release of her book in 1992. That is, if Gaga is ready to abandon the mermaid in a wheelchair routine that she swears she didn’t crib from Bette Midler.

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