Heidi Fleiss’ Parrots Remind Us A Lot Of Mike Tysons’ Pigeons

Heidi Fleiss has a new love in her life. Make that ‘loves,’ as there are more than 20 of them. Almost 18 years after going to jail for three years for running a prostitution ring, Heidi has started a new kind of harem—a legal one. In recent years (in addition to opening a laundromat, a doggie day care, and going on “Celebrity Rehab“), she has taken to raising macaw parrots. She got the birds from an eccentric neighbor who passed, leaving behind hundreds of exotic birds in a trailer. Heidi explains that she decided to adopt the parrots because thy are “the pimpin’ birds.” She says, “It’s been a crazy way to reinvent myself, but I love these birds and I will be successful.” Whatever that means.

This whole thing is giving me a case of deja vu. Didn’t Animal Planet do the exact same show, essentially, with Mike Tyson and his pigeons? In “Taking on Tyson”—and I won’t lie, the show was pretty spectacular—Mike said, “The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon. I feel ridiculous trying to explain it. What I love about pigeons is their loyalty. That’s what the connection is. They’re so much like people.” I’m expecting similar doubts about humans and emotional transference from Fleiss. Maybe this is a side product of jail?

I wonder what the combo of scandalite convict and bird fascination Animal Planet will dig up next?

[Washington Post]

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