Grab Those Snippers! San Francisco Judge Nixes Circumcision Ban On Ballot

Snip away, San Francisco! A judge ruled yesterday that the city cannot vote on whether to ban circumcision on the ballot next election. The ban, which was spearheaded by activist Lloyd Schofield, would have made “genital mutilation” of minors punishable by a $1,000 fine or a year in prison. The Jewish community was meshuggenah about the ban, as circumcising infants is part of their religious practice. But religious or moral reasons are not why Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi nixed the ballot initiative: she agreed there are compelling medical reasons for circumcision and laws regulating doctors and healing professions must be made on the state level. Schofield is expected to appeal. Geez, why is this dude so obsessed with other guys foreskins? Given that there are developing countries which mutilate adolescent girls’ genitals for the sole purpose of ruining their experience of sexual pleasure, I can’t help but think he’s one of those whiners who is looking for ways men are being persecuted. And there are ways men are being persecuted, but their foreskin is not it.

[San Francisco Chronicle]

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