Ubertan: An Herbal Self-Tanner You Can Snort?

I had to read this Daily Mail article about a dangerous, self-tanning nasal spray at least three times before I understood what was going on. It was so incomprehensible to me. Here’s the breakdown: in the UK there’s a self tanning product called Ubertan that’s all the rage in salons. It’s an herbal nasal spray that promises to darken your skin tone by heightening melatonin melanin levels when snorted twice a day for seven to 10 days.This already sounds insane to me. I would be hard pressed to put spray tanner (or anything) up my nose. But apparently lots of people are using it and — surprise! — many are getting sick. Ubertan is thought to have an ingredient that can trigger heart palpitations, dizziness, and nausea — much like the effects of speed — but nobody knows for sure because there are no ingredients listed on the packaging and no one can track down the owners of the company. How incredibly shady. OK, lesson learned: Do not snort self-tanner. Wait, I think I already knew that. [Daily Mail UK]

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