Today’s Lady News: North Carolina Passes 24-Hour Waiting Period For Abortion

  • North Carolina’s Senate has joined the House in overriding the governor’s veto on a bill to restrict abortion rights. Women seeking abortions will now have to have a sonogram, hear a description of the fetal development, receive counseling and wait 24 hours before having the procedure. Thanks a pantsful for making an already-difficult decision even harder on women, NC politicians. [Reuters]
  • The lawyer for Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who was allegedly sexually assaulted by ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said it is a vicious rumor that she was tape recorded planning to extort him for money. Newspapers had reported that Diallo had told a friend over the phone that Strauss-Kahn had a lot of money and she “knew what [she] was doing.” Now her lawyer has said that conversation was mischaracterized and it was her friend who suggested she could get money from the assault, which Diallo herself dismissed. Diallo also met with supporters on Thursday at a Brooklyn church, telling them, “I’m here because I had people call me a lot of bad names.” [New York Times, New York Times]

  • Can evangelical women be feminists? [Washington Post]
  • A hate group in Mississippi will donate $100,000 in support of a “fetal personhood” amendment to grant fetuses the same legal status as human beings and therefore make abortion akin to murder. [Think Progress]
  • Regarding rape on “True Blood.” [Thought Catalog]
  • The ladies of Marvel vs. the ladies of D.C. comics (because pitting ladies against each other is so feminist!). [L.A. Weekly]
  • There’s a show called “Eve” comprised of women’s artwork at Subliminal Project Gallery in L.A. featuring works by Judy Chicago and others. [L.A. Times]
  • Earlier this month, California passed legislation mandating that LGBT people in history must be included in school textbooks. Here are 10 recommended gay and lesbian folks to choose from. [Ms. Magazine]


  • Italy’s Parliament rejected a bill to protect LGBT people from discrimination. [Pink News UK]
  • A teen magazine in Germany called Bravo has been accused of glorifying sexual violence in an article about a guy who date rapes a drunk girl who is about to pass out. The magazine says it was just trying to present an understandable scenario for its teen readers. [Spiegel]

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