Today’s Lady News: Summer’s Eve Pulls Their Racist Douche Ads Offline

  • Summer’s Eve pulled two of their racist douche commercials offline after an outpouring of complaints over their depictions of black and Latina women. Summer’s Eve’s PR defended their ads — like the sassy black vagina spoke with an “urban” accent and talked about how much money she spends on her hair — as “empowering” women and even said they had “in-house multi-cultural experts” who OKed the commercials. Actual women who don’t believe we need vaginal cleaning products thought otherwise. []
  • A Planned Parenthood clinic in McKinney, Texas, was attacked last night with a Molotov cocktail (a homemade bomb made from diesel fuel inside a glass bottle). Fortunately the inside of the clinic was not harmed and there were no injuries. This is called domestic terrorism, people. [McKinney Courier-Gazette]

  • An investigation in Texas has found that so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are often run by anti-abortion activists and try to talk women out of having abortions, have numerous safety and ethics violations. [The Texas Independent]
  • Meet Gender Bent Justice League, a cosplay group that appeared at Comic-Con this weekend. [The Mary Sue]
  • What did a feminist think of Comic-Con? [Ms. Magazine]

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