Today In Terribleness: A Woman Is Framed For Armed Robbery By Her Ex

Meet Seemona Sumasar. She is 36 years old, a mother, and a former Morgan Stanley analyst who managed a restaurant in Queens. One night about two years ago, her Jeep was pulled over by police. She was shocked to be arrested. “You know you did it. Just admit it,” a police officer threatened her.

“It” was a string of armed robberies. Specifically, ones where a woman approached victims wearing a policewoman’s uniform and then turned her gun on them. Only Sumasar hadn’t done “it.” “It” had never actually happened.Sumasar had been framed by her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan. He had found three illegal immigrants and convinced them to report the crimes, even though they were fiction, in order to get special visas set aside for crime victims. Ramrattan coached the alleged victims in what to say. He showed them photos of Sumasar so that they could describe her physically and identify her in a lineup. He even drove one of them to her house, so that they could see her Jeep.

Last December—just weeks before Sumasar’s trial, where she could have gotten up to 25 years in prison—someone tipped off prosecutors to the scam. From there, Sumasar was released.

But it gets worse. Why did Ramrattan do all this? In 2009, when they broke up, Sumasar claims Ramrattan taped her mouth and raped her. She filed charges, and refused to drop them. Prosecutors believe that’s when he cooked up this scheme. He will go on trial himself in October for both the rape and the conspiracy.

Wow. All of a sudden all my exes look like angels.

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