The 5 Best Moments You’ve Missed So Far On “Celebrity Rehab”


Supposedly, season five of “Celebrity Rehab” will be Dr. Drew Pinsky’s last. While the show hasn’t been officially cancelled, it is said to be going on “indefinite hiatus,” and we can just guess what that means. It’s been a very rough year for “Celebrity Rehab” alums. Two of Dr. Drew’s former patients on the show died as a result of their struggles with addiction—Alice in Chains guitarist Mike Starr and “Grease” actor Jeff Conway. Dr. Drew and his staff are mourning these deaths and have vowed to continue to help other celebs get clean and sober.

Five episodes of season five have aired so far, and they have been intense, to say the least. This season features an all-star cast with all-star addictions: Michael Lohan, Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher, Chinese actress Bai Ling, former baseball star Dwight “Doc” Gooden, “Survivor” castaway Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, actress (and Director’s Guild Gala heckler) Sean Young, “Baywatch” hunk Jeremy Jackson, and former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, who happens to be a two-time Celebrity Rehabber. The season has us glued to the screen. After the jump, the top five moments that have gone down so far. May they inspire you to set your DVR.Related: 10 Famous Addicts Who Need To Be Sent To Celebrity Rehab

  1. Steven Adler loses his s**t on Amy Fisher. So, Amy’s having a little trouble admitting that she has a drug and/or alcohol problem. You know how they go around the room in group sessions and say, “Hi, I’m ________ and I’m an alcoholic and an addict?” Yeah, well, Amy’s not doing that. At first, she refused to participate altogether, saying “I’ll just listen for now.” In one of these early morning groups, Adler just couldn’t take it anymore. He screamed at her, demanding to know why she was here if she didn’t have a problem. “Someone is going to die today because she’s here wasting our time while there are people out there that need and want the help,” he said. It continued. Steven yelled at Amy and the rest of the group, “I guarantee you some of the things [Amy] has done, I’ve done … well, except for shoot someone in the head!” Amy burst into tears, Steven was kicked out of group, and the downward spiral began. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if his inevitable apology will be enough for Amy.
  2. Bai Ling climbs on the roof. Bai is dealing with a lot of trauma from her past, and Dr. Drew believes she has some mental issues that need addressing as well. She pretty much proved him right by having a breakdown, jumping on the roof in a bath robe, and refusing to come down. In perfect reality TV fashion, episode two ended with Dr. Drew asking, “Is she gonna jump?” Episode three began with her not jumping, and instead being coaxed down to earth. They brought her inside to talk to her about it and Bai’s first question was, “What happened?” Drew and Co. vehemently pleaded for her to take anti-psychotic meds, which she finally agreed to do.
  3. Jeremy Jackson injects steroids into his arm. This was in the home video the celebs submitted before actually entering rehab. Jackson has admittedly been addicted to most drugs, steroids being his latest drug of choice. He’s beefed up substantially and it’s scary. In the video, he’s seen plunging a needle into himself and the ‘roid rage immediately takes over. He screams, “Testosteronie!!!” No, that is not a typo—he has a term of endearment for testosterone.
  4. Michael Lohan relives life in prison. Amy Fisher made the mistake of comparing the Pasadena Recovery Center to jail. I mean, she was locked up a while ago, but she can’t have fond memories of it that actually include catered meals and cushy beds. Michael Lohan stopped her mid-sentence. “Excuse me, but this is not what jail was like for me,” he said. When Dr. Drew prodded him to sharehis prison experiences, Lohan let it all out. “How would you feel if pedophiles put pictures of your daughter up in their lockers and drew a c**k in her mouth? How would you feel if they wrote ‘slut’ over your wife’s picture?” He said that he had been surpressing these memories for a while and immediately ran to the bathroom to be sick.
  5. Kate Major is banned from the Rehab house. Michael’s ex-fiance has been calling him several times a day, drunk off her ass, accusing him of treating her like a daughter and screaming, “I’m not Lindsay! Your kids all hate you anyway!” So it was determined that she won’t be allowed to enter the house on Friends and Family Day unless she also agrees to check into rehab upon her arrival. Ouch. We’ll see what she decides next episode.

Have you been watching “Celebrity Rehab”? Do you think Dr. Drew can get everyone sober this time around?

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