The Bumbys Will Judge You For Being Boring

“It’s definitely better to do something awful with your outfit and your personality than nothing at all — middle of the road, that’s always bad.”

–Jill Bumby, one half of the duo, The Bumbys. I know this sounds crazy, but Jill and Gill Bumby go to parties and will, if you ask, compose “a fair and honest appraisal of your appearance.” They’ve procured hundreds of paid gigs — including at Art Basel in Miami — doing just that. To quote Minka Kelly quoting Yves St. Laurent in “The Roommate”: “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” Our own Amelia received a Bumbys appraisal once — read it, after the jump! [NY Mag] The night of her appraisal, Amelia was wearing a mustard colored T-back tank and jeans. Jill Bumby had this to say:

That is a tough color to pull off, but that smile can make anything work. What is that, kind of a mustard green. I sense a former gymnast, well maybe a really former gymnast, like once you took a class but you can cartwheel and stuff. Great energy. Overall: 9.0

Amelia loved it so much that she has it framed on her desk at home.