Pink Beer: New Favorite Of Girly-Girl Drunks Everywhere?

Pink beer is the latest product to be feminized for the fairer sex. Molson Coors, a brewery, is pink-ifying a lager called Animée to be less “masculine” with “clear filtered, crisp rosé and zesty lemon flavors,” according to the UK’s Independent.

Pink beer … sounds like wine. It sounds like champagne, actually. And pink champagne is already a thing. Ergo, pink beer is not something that needs to happen, except in La La La Marketing Land where advertisers think anything “pink” appeals to pretty, pretty princesses women. Newsflash, beer advertisers: maybe if every single one of your commercials wasn’t about T&A your products would appeal to us more! I don’t like the taste of beer — never have, never will — so I asked my hops-loving homegirl Megan what she thinks of pink beer:

“As any person that actually enjoys drinking beer knows, it is not meant to be anything but beer-colored, and making it pink — because ‘ladies’ like pink things, of course, and don’t drink beer — is insulting to beer, women, and everyone who likes beer. It’s worse than dyeing it green for St. Patricks Day — which is also an abomination — because at least dyeing it green isn’t some marketing campaign aimed at supporting sexist stereotypes about women. It’s just about fooling non-Irish people into drinking crap beer.”

Besides all that, pink beer will probably look gross. Remember when Heinz made blue ketchup “for kids” and everyone was, like, EW? Keep your food coloring to yourself. My food already has enough chemicals and preservatives in it. And for God’s sake, do you have any idea what pink vomit is going to look like?

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