Lauren Conrad Is Whipping Up A New Venture

Let us take a moment to review the trajectory of Lauren Conrad’s career. She went from teen reality star, to fashion designer, to novelist. LC has multiple clothing lines, endorsement deals, a beauty website, a fashion book, a regular writing gig, and a series of novels. Seriously, does this girl sleep? Based on the aforementioned list, you’d think she would be too busy to do anything else, like, say, baking. Wrong! In her spare time she loves to whip up cupcakes, cookies, and cakes—so much so that she is planning to open up a fancy bakery in Hollywood. I would say something snarky about this news, but let’s be honest … I’m jealous. I only have one job and I can barely find the time to do my laundry, let alone crank out a few novels or whip up a pie. Lauren, share your secret. Do you employ magical little elves to do your bidding?

[Editors Note: I’m guessing I know Lauren’s secret. Assistants, ghost designers, ghost writers and the fact that most things she does in name only.]

[Lime Life]

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