In Which We Learn That Balmain’s Concept Of Affordable Is Very Relative

In the world of super high-end designer Balmain, it’s not unusual to charge upwards of $5,000 for a pair of leather pants or $7,000 for a coat. So, the fact that Balmain has decided to release a lower-priced line sounded like good news to us. Until we found out that the price point for this “affordable” line was going to be not so affordable. Prices start at $172 for a T-shirt and run to $1,291 for eveningwear. And that’s not the only thing disappointing about Balmain’s diffusion collection. Judging from photos of the pieces (like the outfit at left), the Pierre Balmain line (as the lower-priced collection is being called) looks like nothing more than chintzy Topshop designs. Diffusion doesn’t have to equal boring, especially from a designer who’s known for his punky, glamorous frocks. And who buys a $172 T-shirt, anyway? Even if we had that kind of money, that would be crazy. [Fashionista]