Evan Rachel Wood Kills A Justin Bieber Tune At A Karaoke Bar


Have you ever given into the urge to karaoke and then really regretted it afterward? Not Evan Rachel Wood. She was a karaoke superstar at a bar in Beijing recently and you’ll never guess what song she picked. She sang—no, killed (in a good way)—Justin Bieber’s “U Smile.” Now, we bet the Biebs is a popular choice these days, but who knew Evan Rachel Wood is a Belieber? Can you even imagine Evan and her ex, Marilyn Manson, listening to “One Time” or “Baby” over the dinner table? Just goes to show you how far Bieber Fever has spread. And might I add that her new androgynous-y haircut even makes her look like The Blonde Bieber.

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