Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wears A Dribble Bib

After the jump, three reasons why me and a dribble bib wearer should date.

  1. He is concerned about his clothes looking good. A dribble bib wearer is protecting his wardrobe from potential spills and stains with his large-ass dribble bib! That’s just smart.
  2. He enjoys and partakes in novelty attire. I bet Mr. Dribs Bibs has a beer hat and/or an umbrella hat? Maybe a pair of pants-that-zip-into-shorts? Those are some snazzy short-pants.
  3. He clearly enjoys eating. A lot. If you commit to wearing a Dribble Bib tie, well, there’s probably a tasty reason for it. Like a plate of ribs, a whole lemon meringue pie, or an all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll take me with?