Leighton Meester’s Mom Counter-Sues, Alleges Assault

Leighton Meester’s mom, whose first name is Constance—strangely also the name of the girl’s high school in “Gossip Girl“—isn’t too pleased with her daughter’s allegations about her misusing money, intended for her sick son, on plastic surgery and hair extensions. She’s firing back with a counter-lawsuit against Leighton. And the charges in it are pretty out-there. Read each of them after the jump.

  • Constance alleges that in December, during a fight at 2 a.m., Leighton threw her to the ground and repeatedly hit her with a bottle. She alleges that Leighton had to be pulled off her by her brother.
  • Constance claims that she paid $230,000 over the years for Leighton’s private school and acting classes.
  • She also says that she had Leighton had a verbal agreement for Leighton to pay her $10K a month for life, since she has medical issues and is unable to work. Constance says her home has gone into foreclosure because Leighton has refused to pay.
  • Constance alleges that Leighton’s only comment when her brother went for surgery was that “she hoped he would not be disfigured and hinder his fledgling acting career.”

I dunno. I’m tempted to believe Leighton here. It’s hard to imagine her attacking anyone outside of that movie “The Roommate.” Plus, her charges seem far more reasonable. For anyone who doesn’t know her backstory, she was born while her mother was in prison for involvement in drug smuggling. Leighton says she had a normal upbringing, though, and that her mothers’ experience, “made me realize that you can’t judge anyone—especially your parents—for what they’ve done in their past, because people change.” Maybe. Maybe not?


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