Alexa Chung Has Way More Jobs Than You

The world keeps trying to make Brit model/It-Girl Alexa Chung happen stateside. Chung previously hosted MTV’s midday chat show, “It’s On With Alexa Chung,” and will soon be seen in the new PBS series “Thrift America,” where she travels around the U.S. looking for hidden thrift and vintage treasures (the fact that this is a job that someone can have makes me unbelievably jealous). But! She also just booked a hosting gig on a new reality TV series tentatively titled “24-Hour Catwalk” which is being billed as a fashion designer competition. It’ll air on the Lifetime network, and will presumably be somewhat different than the network’s current reality TV ace in the hole, “Project Runway.” So she’s got two TV shows, along with her design job with Madewell, her turn as stylist for Brit clothing line Percival, her role as contributing editor at British Vogue, and her job as the face of Lacoste’s Joy of Pink fragrance. She’s a regular James Franco! Except somehow not annoying and seemingly like a girl with whom you’d want to make friends and trade dresses. Hey Alexa, why don’t you let me come over and go through your closet? Please? [Telegraph UK]

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