10 Celebrities Who Had To Sue Family Members

Leighton Meester
OnGossip Girl,” Blair Waldorf has feuded with her mother. But nothing like Leighton Meester has with her mom, Constance Meester, in real life. In fact, Leighton is currently suing her mother for allegedly using money Leighton sent for her sick brother’s care on herself. More specifically, on plastic surgery, Botox, and hair extensions for herself. According to the suit, Leighton has been sending home $7500 a month for care of her brother, but she alleges that the money hasn’t actually been used for such. The lawsuit further claims that her mom has been essentially blackmailing her, threatening to sue Leighton for $3 million if she didn’t start upping the checks to $10K a month. Apparently, Constance says that she and Leighton had made a verbal agreement to such, but Leighton says that just isn’t true. Access to loads of money does not always bring out the best in families. Leighton is far from the only celebrity who has had a family member try to screw her over.
After the jump, more celebs who took legal action against family members. Related: 10 Celebrity Family Members Who Cashed In With Tell-Alls
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