The Good, The Bad & The WTF: K-I-S-S-I-N-G On “True Blood”

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was called “It’s In His Kiss.” Why? (SPOILER ALERT!) Because finally, finally, finally Sookie and Eric shared their first smooch. I mean, really, how did it take this long? After the jump, the good, the bad and the WTF moments of last night’s episode.
The Good:

  • Lafayette’s response to Marnie explaining that the Wicca circle wasn’t to blame for taking Eric’s memory or ruining Pam’s face because she was in a trance when she cast the spells: “That’s some catchy s**t for your tombstone.”
  • How sweet was Eric in tonight’s episode? When he said to Sookie, “I had a bad dream,” I actually said “awwwww” out loud. Yeah, most sane women would let him cuddle in their bed, too.
  • That yellow dress Sookie wore to visit Marnie is super cute.
  • Sam’s revelation that alligators love marshmallows when he and Tommy are trying to dispose of their parents’ bodies. Good to know. I wonder if gators like s’mores, too?
  • Sookie and Eric’s first not-in-a-dream-sequence kiss!
  • I was a little worried when Jason came to the conclusion, “Everything bad that ever happened to me happened because of sex,” that we would never see Jason the Lothario again. But given that racy dream he had about Jessica, I’m betting we will.

The Bad:

  • Tommy brutally killing his parents with a shovel. Did we really need to bring them back for that?
  • Nooooo. I don’t like that Tara’s lesbian girlfriend knows that she’s keeping major secrets. I hope they don’t break up.
  • Really, music suprvisors? You decided to ruin Sookie and Eric’s first kiss with distracting, terrible tuneage?
  • On a similar note, I’m bummed Bill found out that Eric is staying with Sookie just as they kiss for the first time. Don’t ruin it, Bill!

The WTF:

  • I was so excited for the return of Goddrick. But turns out, he only appeared to Eric in a dream sequence. Also, with his parted hair, he looks approximately 10. I was right that he was once really hot, right?
  • All the incest talk when Portia goes to Bill and suggests that they keep on sleeping together even though he’s her great, great, great grandfather. We just got rid of the werepanthers. Do we have to go straight for another incestuous story line?
  • Sookie’s pink polka-dot bedding. It’s time to grow up, girl.
  • Eric’s cut-off sleeve hoodie. I just don’t get it.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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