Morning Quickies: What Will Happen To Amy Winehouse’s Unfinished Album?

  • Amy Winehouse had been working on her third album when she died this Saturday in London at age 27. The songs were still in the demo stage but could still be released with approval by her parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse. [Telegraph UK]
  • Courtney Love, who’s had her own battle with drug addiction, says she tried to help Amy twice and that she is “gutted” by her death. [Rolling Stone]
  • Meet Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd, the first gay couple to marry in New York State yesterday. [NY Times]

    Over at The Good Men Project, Hugo Schwyzer wonders if there’s a connection between men’s rights activists (MRAs) and the terrorist behind the mass murders in Norway last week. [GMP]
  • Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer might not be leaving “Glee” after all. [Huffington Post]
  • Hey, it’s 10 stars who fell for teenagers! [Crushable]
  • Why did H&M decapitate this model? [The Gloss]
  • How did Vanessa Hudgens manage to keep her super short haircut a secret for two months? [Just Jared]
  • The New York Post’s cover line about Amy Winehouse’s death was pretty lame, not to mention inaccurate, considering Winehouse went to rehab a few times. [Buzzfeed]